A people-focused project.

We are 2 groups called Born at the Right Timeand Simple Stuff Works. We help people with disabilitiesand their families and carers.

A disability is when your body or mind is different. You may need help or support to do everyday activities.

We want you to answer the questions here. This is called a survey.

NHS England gave us money to do this survey. NHS is short for National Health Servicewhich gives you free help with your health.

Our survey is about postural care.

Postural care makes sure your body is in a good position and in good shape. Your carer might use equipment to keep your body to a good position. 

Good postural care is important and helps you stay healthy.

We hope our survey will help you and other people get good postural care. 

Your friends or family can help you answer our questions.

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* 1. You don’t have to answer our questions but if you do it will help us support people with disabilities. 

We won’t tell other people that you have answered our questions. 

If you tell us your name and address or email address you might win £100 to spend at the online shop Amazon.

Tick this box if you give consent for people to read and use your answers. To give consent means you say it is OK. 

About you

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* 2. Tell us where in the country you live.

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* 3. Tell us who you live with.

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* 4. Tell us how old you are.

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* 5. Tell us who helps you to sit, stand, walk and sleep. 

This might be family, carers, physios or OTs.

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* 6. Tell us what keeps you busy.

This might be things like School, College, Day Centre, work.

Our questions -changes to your postural care because of Coronavirus.

Some care services changed this year because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus (COVID 19) is a new illness affecting people all over the world.It affects your lungs and breathing.

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* 7. Tell us the parts of your postural care that changed because of COVID 19.

This might be things like your wheelchair services, hospital appointments, physiotherapy, or your sleep system.

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* 8. Tell us how these parts of your postural care changed. 

This might be things like how long you waited for care, how many people you saw, and where you saw them. 

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* 9. Tell us about any good changes to your postural care.

Our questions - how these changes made a difference to you

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* 10. Tell us how these changes made a difference to you.

This might be things like more pain, you moved more or less, or the equipment you used to support your body.

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* 11. Tell us why these changes made a difference to you.

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* 12. Tell us if anything changed between you and the people who support you because of COVID 19.

This might be changes between you and your family, carers, therapists, or other services that support you. 

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* 13. Tell us how changes will affect your body and how you move in the future. If there aren’t any changes you don’t need to answer this question. 

Our questions - your future care

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* 14. Tell us how you want your body to be supported and moved.

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* 15. Tell us anything else about yourself that might be helpful.

Thanks for answering our questions. 

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* 16. Try to win £100 to spend at the shop Amazon

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* 17. Tick this box if you give consent for us to talk to you more about your answers.

To give your consent means you say it is OK. 

Email either Rachel Rachel@bornattherighttime.com or Sarah training@simplestuffworks.com to ask any questions.
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