Welcome to the Wellbeing Community Fund Page! 

We’ve been inspired by community ideas and what some people have been developing in their streets and area so we applied for funding to support more of you to get your ideas up and running!

Below you should find all the information you need on the types of ideas that can be funded, what other support we can offer and some questions you need to answer.

How does it work?

1.  Check if your idea fits the criteria
2. Fill in the survey monkey
3. Your idea will go to the Wellbeing Panel made up of community members. The group meet monthly. 
4. You will receive a letter by email , letting you know if your idea was successful 
5. If accepted, we’ll buy the materials you’ve requested and organise getting them to you (we won’t transfer the funds, you’ll be asked to send links , screenshots or info on what is needed)
6.      We’ll offer any other support you may require e.g. brainstorming to develop your idea, seeking further funding, organising support from community members, promoting your idea.

Criteria: can my idea be funded?

If you answer ‘yes’ to all of the below, then your idea meets all of the criteria and then you can submit your idea!
-        I live in Castlemilk (either a child or adult)
-        If I’m a child, I’ve got an adult who is helping me with my idea and is submitting this form
-        My ideas promotes wellbeing in my community ( we believe many things promote wellbeing in communities:  brightening up gardens, growing plants on verandas, making entertainment packs for neighbours, starting a book swap on your street, buying litter picks and organising community clean ups, getting materials to start online bingo/games/art. Not sure if your idea promotes wellbeing?  Contact us!)
-        My idea won’t only benefit me or my household ( your idea must benefit more than your household so this includes neighbours, a formal or informal group you’re part of, a place you think is important.  We particularly want to hear from ideas that involve others, too)
-        I commit to doing my idea if funded
-        I will share photos and information of my idea happening
- The Community Wellbeing Chest is aimed at local people with ideas- if you are a local organisation supporting someone with their idea, the application must come from them and our correspondence and ongoing support will be with them (when possible).

Question Title

* 1. Does my idea meet all of the criteria above?

Question Title

* 2. Tell us about your idea. How will you do it?  Who will benefit? What do you need?

Question Title

* 3. How much does your idea cost?  We can fund up to £200 to get your idea going (your idea may cost much less than this and that is ok). Please try and give as much detail as possible. 

Example: Litter Pick Project
Litter Picker = £10.00.  We want 10 for the street so 10 x 10 = £100
Gloves = £5.00.  We want 10 pairs so 10 x 5 = £50
Heavy Duty Bin Bags = £15
Branded High Vis x 10 = £35
Total = £200

Question Title

* 4. Please leave your contact details and someone will be in touch regarding your application. 

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