1. Introduction

Cardiff Council want to develop a new Adult Services Strategy in Social Services for the Cabinet meeting in April 2020. They have asked C3SC to help gather opinions from service users and carers to capture the views of citizens from across Cardiff.

So far, an event for community groups and charities was held on the 9 January 2020 and an engagement event for citizens on the 16 January 2020.  The information from those meetings has been brought together along with thoughts from the Cardiff Council social services staff which is now being consulted on.

To give everyone the opportunity to have their say, we would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes to complete this survey. The questions are based around the five themes proposed in the strategy, with safeguarding under pinning them all.

Your name will only be provided to Cardiff Council if you have provided them in the survey and all responses will be presented to the Council anonymously.  No details will be provided to any other third party other than Cardiff Council for whom this survey is being run.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey which should take no longer than 10 min.


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