In accordance with our Memorandum and Articles of Association, as an ACOSVO full member, and whether or not you are attending the AGM, the Board seek your proxy vote ahead of the AGM on a Special Resolution:
+ Special Resolution - To adapt Mem & Arts (articles 34 to 42)
If the members agree the special resolution it will have the following effects for the organisation:
  • The total number of Board members will be clearly specified as 12, as the current articles are a little ambiguous and could be open to interpretation as either 11 or 13 
  • I will ensure that directors chosen from the membership will be eligible to complete their term of office if during that term they cease to be eligible to be a member
  • The term of independent directors will be adjusted from one year to three
The Board believe these changes will result in improved succession planning and a more stable leadership team.
Voting ahead of the virtual AGM will enable as many members as possible to participate, ensure we have a quorum and ensure any unforeseen technical issues do not impact voting.  The results will be announced during the AGM on Tuesday 7 December 2021.

How to Vote:

To cast your votes for the Special Resolution, please confirm you are a Full ACOSVO member and select 'for' or 'against' at the end of the survey.  The ballot is open now 24 hours a day and closes at 5pm, 15 November 2021.  To guarantee your vote is counted please ensure your vote is cast by that time.

Many thanks for taking the time to participate in this voting ahead of the virtual AGM.

Kim Aitkinson
Interim Convenor

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