* 1. Who is responsible for sourcing training in your company?

* 2. Which training methods do you use?

* 3. How do you or others find a training course?

* 4. What, if anything, could a Training Provider do better?

* 5. Is there an agreed training budget per staff member?

* 6. What are your training related headaches?

  Biggest headache Headache Light headache Easy peasy No trouble at all
Don't have time to look for a course
Can't find the right course easily
Making sure that staff attend the course
Hard to identify training need?
Right course, too far away!

* 7. What's most important to you when choosing a course?

  Most important Important Matters a little bit Not important
How much time is spent away from job
Course location (distance)
Course contents and learning outcomes
Cost of the course
The course is certified by a professional body
How the course is delivered (eg. classroom, online)
Number of course delegates

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