To register, please complete this questionnaire, which enables us to start collecting very basic data about gender diversity within the built environment. We think the questionnaire will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete; if you are an individual with no links to an organisation then it will take very much less.

If you work for an organisation, then you will be asked to give us information about the size of your organisation and the number of women at each level, so you might like to have this information to hand.  

Please note that the information that you give in this questionnaire will be treated in the utmost confidence.  It will be used in an anonymised format for statistical purposes but it will not be shared with others in any way that will allow data to be linked to individuals or their organisations.   

You will be able to request a copy of our latest research: Women, Boards and the UK Built Environment; also a copy of The Equilibrium Network Charter in the final section of this questionnaire.  You will also be asked whether you would like to take part in the pilot of the Charter that we are running in the first 6 months of 2018 - we would be delighted if the answer was yes!