Fun quiz 

Since the launch of there have been 5 UEFA European Football Championships and 5 FIFA world cup championships. What do you recall of these events?

* 1. Which country were defeated in the 1998 world cup final?

* 2. Australia defeated American Samoa in the highest scoring 2002 World Cup preliminary match on record.  What was the score?

* 3. The 2010 world cup audience introduced an instrument that was received a bit like marmite – you either loved it or hated it – what was it?

* 4. Which teams played in the final of the UEFA EURO 2000?

* 5. Which world cup was the first that the previous winners had to qualify for?

* 6. Which England player scored the most goals in the UEFA EURO 2004 tournament phase?

* 7. Which world cup was the first to be held in Asia?

* 8. Which country hosted the 1998 world cup?

* 9. The single World Cup match with the greatest number of red cards was the Portugal-Netherlands game in the second round of the 2006 World Cup, this match also known as "The battle of Nüremberg". How many red cards were issued?

* 10. Which team did Portugal knock out in the semi-finals of UEFA EURO 2016