1. Your views on Abbeydale and Sharrow

The Abbeydale and Sharrow Stakeholders Group is a partnership of local organisations, service providers, and residents working together to improve our neighbourhood and give the community a stronger voice.  We want to capture the views of a broad section of our community, in order to understand people’s priorities, and to help shape our work. We want to make this neighbourhood a better place for you and other people in the area. For more information about the ASSG and the organisations and groups involved please see the  ASSG page on the Sharrow Community Forum website

If you live or work in the Abbeydale or Sharrow areas, please take a couple of minutes to answer a few short questions to help us with our work.

* 1. What do you like about the area?

* 2. What dont you like about the area?

* 3. What would you like to change about the area?