The Neighbourhood Plan has an improved environment section and we would like to know what you think.

The new section has been written in response to consultations and is called Environment, Landscape and Climate Change and it deals with the protecting the quality of the environment, maintaining the rural nature of the parish, keeping Totnes and Dartington as separate places, minimising the effects of climate change and supporting renewable energy.

Devon Wildlife Trust records show there are a number of endangered species, including the Greater Horseshoe Bat and dormice, which rely on high quality habitats. There is no formal survey of fauna, but residents report widespread sitings of deer and otters as well as many much-loved bird species. Protection of these is considered a priority when considering any new development.

In addition to the Grade 2* listed gardens at Dartington, there are records of 260 veteran trees on the Estate, or which 21 are considered ancient. Hedgerows abutting roads throughout the parish contain large oak and beech trees and there are several mature plantations and copses, much of which were established by the Elmhirsts in the 1920s and 30s.

Some landscape elements have become degraded and we are keen for the plan to identify opportunities to improve these areas through new investment and improved quality of landscape management.

Local people consider Dartington to be a rural parish and wish this to be safeguarded for the future. Maintaining the green area of land between Totnes and Dartington Village is key to this as is reducing light pollution and minimising the impact of development.

The Strategic Objective for the environment section is below:

To ensure future development complements the quality of the existing environment, sustains and enhances natural habitats, retains much loved local views and and considers the impact of climate change.


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* 1. Do you agree with the aims of this section?

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* 2. How can we maintain the rural character of the parish? Select the options you agree with.

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* 3. How can we conserve protect, maintain and enhance the natural environment? Select those you agree with.