* 1. 'Use of System charges' are how we pay to connect and use the electricity wires.  There is an upfront cost when the right to connect to the electricity system is agreed, 'access' and ongoing charges.  You may not be aware of the ongoing charges as these are often 'bundled' into a single value within a PPA or the tariff that you pay for electricity.  Nevertheless how much you pay depends on your use of the electricity system and there is a national framework to calculate this. 
Ofgem is currently reviewing this framework and how access is allocated.  It is very important that the views of small scale generators are heard - it could have a material impact on our viability.  Please respond to this survey in the next 2 weeks.
"There is a proposal for the right to connect to the network for a limited time period. For example, limiting the connection period for 10 or 20 years and then returning it.   Would you be in favour of this?"

* 2. There is a proposal to auction connection capacity.  Would you be in favour?

* 3. Would you be interested in sharing capacity of a connection to a feeder? For example, solar can export in summer and hydro in winter.

* 4. Would you be interested in seasonal or time limited connections or capacity (not dependant on another generator) to allow more generators to connect or reduce connection costs?

* 5. Would you be interested in connection agreements that are conditional on the local demand matching generation export?  This may require collaboration with a local community to prevent a generator being tripped.

* 6. 'Forward looking' charges pay for reinforcement and renewal of the network.  These are mainly charged by how many kWh are exported at present.  Would you be interested in charges made according to capacity (i.e. the maximum kW that can be exported)?

* 7. If Yes, would you be interested in paying different prices for capacity at certain times of day?  - e.g. solar would only pay during the day, it would be most expensive between 4-8pm.

* 8. If we match demand and generation locally, the network is used more efficiently.  Would you be interested in collaborating with local demand to match it to local generation?  You would then be charged for the capacity that you use collectively. If you manage demand and generation to use the network efficiently you pay less. Is this of interest?

* 9. Charging a group of users (demand and generation) for how they use the network is very novel.  Do you think you could recruit demand members of your community to participate long term (with the right support)? Note they must be local to the generation.

* 10. Do you have any other thoughts or comments that you would like to feedback regarding Use of System charging?