1.1bn people globally have no access to modern energy provision and a further 1bn have only intermittent access. Energy Catalyst accelerates the innovation needed to end energy poverty. Through financial and advisory support, and by building strategic partnerships and uncovering new insights, Energy Catalyst helps bring to market technologies and business models that can improve lives in Africa and Asia.

To coincide with the Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Forum in Kigali, Energy Catalyst sees an opportunity to build collaborations with partners in Rwanda and across the energy access community for future Energy Catalyst funding.

Why Rwanda 
Rwanda is endowed with natural energy resources including hydro, solar, and methane gas. It currently has 218 MW of installed generation capacity. Rwanda is planning to expand to 556 MW capacity in 2024 and may import some additional from neighbouring countries. In addition, it is installing small solar units throughout the country to ensure electricity supply to buildings not connected to the national grid, or to help deal with power outages. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Rwanda’s national electrification rate is estimated at 30% (12% in rural areas, 72% in urban areas).

Rwanda’s energy challenges include misalignment of power supply and demand, limited financing for off-grid companies, and limited affordability of electricity solutions for rural households and businesses. There is an active strategy to support the electrification of rural populations, creation of solar households and mini- grids. Currently, the government plans to bring electricity access to 100% of the population by 2024.

Focus Areas:

We welcome applications from businesses that focus on all areas of energy access. We are particularly interested in the following:

- off-grid technologies
- mini grids
- solar
- productive use of energy (energy for business)
- cooling / refrigeration
- storage


To qualify, organisations must:

- want to focus on energy access in Rwanda
- have a technology that is low cost, low carbon and secure
- not have a live Energy Catalyst project on 1st May 2022
- be a UK-based micro or SME business (given priority), research technology organisation (RTO), academic organisation, charity, or public sector organisation.

You can apply for multiple Energy Catalyst international brokerage trips, however priority will be given to those whose applications hit the quality threshold and have not yet been accepted on a trip in 2022.
Applicant Briefing Event

For more information on this programme and to compliment your application you are invited to watch the applicant briefing event that took place on 16th March 2022.

Access the Applicant Briefing recording here

About Energy Catalyst international brokerage: Energy Catalyst international brokerage brings together cohorts of up to 12 innovative UK businesses who are interested in applying for funding but need help tailoring their technologies to a market and/or building collaborations and partnerships.

They are not about trade and export, but on helping innovative UK businesses tap into complementary knowledge, skills, facilities, in the chosen country and building understanding, insight, collaborations, partnerships and networks to enable to business to apply for Energy Catalyst funding

The support can last up to 12 months and is structured around three phases:-

• Getting ready for the market: Pre-visit briefing to build knowledge and understanding of the market and potential opportunities, including how to do business, cultural aspects, how to protect your IP and training on how to improve your pitch and articulate your value proposition.

• Market visit: Access to NGOs, local businesses, academics, and governments who will be able to provide information about local opportunities and with potential to become partners.

• Making the most of the opportunity: One-to-one support from Innovate UK EDGE to follow up and take advantage of the opportunities identified.

By applying for a place on this initiative, businesses commit to participating in all three delivery phases to maximise the opportunities for the business and public investment. An individual senior person from the business will be expected to participate in all activities and should be the named applicant.

Successful businesses will have designated support from Innovate UK EDGE for up to 12 months, including developing an action plan to capitalise on the opportunities identified. 

On acceptance to Energy Catalyst international brokerage event, a commitment fee of £500 (ex VAT) will be obtained from each successful company which will be returned after their involvement in all activities. Non-attendance of any part of the initiative after formal acceptance may result in forfeiting some or all of the fee. You will be sent a link to pay your deposit in order to confirm your place once you have been formally accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: Successful applicants will be expected to fully comply with any conditions of travel to Rwanda as well as any local regulations on face covering and social distancing. As such, you might be required to provide proof of vaccination, valid travel medical insurance and/or negative COVID-19 test ahead of travel. The safety of our delegation is our top priority. If the COVID-19 situation does not allow us to travel to the market, a virtual visit or postponement of the visit may be considered.

Deadline for applications is 27th March 2022.
Application Form Process

3 sections to complete:
Section 1 Applicant information
Section 2 Business information and suitability with scope and objective
Section 3 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
To help you work on your application offline, a Word document version of this form can be downloaded HERE. Please note the offline form is only for your own use, and the information you wish to submit MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE for the application to be accepted.
Section 2 is your opportunity to provide information that will be assessed against the scope and objectives for the programme.

Make sure to complete all sections.
Programme Information
Title Energy Catalyst Brokerage
Country Rwanda Technology/Sector area Energy Access