#runandtalk Organised Run Registration Form

Please complete the details on this form to register an organised run as part of #runandtalk. Please note that organised runs must have a UKA qualified coach or leader and be organised by an England Athletics Affiliated club or RunTogether Group.

Runs should be registered by Monday 25th September. Runs can still be registered between 29th Sept and 6th Oct but please note details will be promoted to participants from Tuesday 26th September. 

We would like to see as many #runandtalk runs as possible registered on our RunTogether website this time so that anyone searching for a run will be able to find the #runandtalk runs and book in to them. If your group or club is registered with RunTogether, please ensure you set up a group run called #runandtalk to enable people to book in to this run. 

If your group or club is not registered with RunTogether, getting started is simple -  please follow the instructions in this link: RunTogether - Setting up a group

N.B. For the next #runandtalk in Jan/Feb, we will require all #runandtalk runs to be registered on RunTogether. 

* 1. Club/group name (must be England Athletics affiliated or a RunTogether Group)

* 2. Organiser name

* 3. Organiser contact information (this will be shared publicly and should be who people contact to register to run and for any problems on the day)

* 4. Minimum age

* 5. Cost (write 'free' if no cost for the run)?

* 6. Distance(s) (if there is more than one route please list all available, for example 1 mile and 5 miles)

* 7. Date

* 8. Meeting time

* 9. Run location

* 10. What’s happening afterwards e.g. we’ll meet for a drink in the bar

* 11. Will a Mental Health Ambassador(s) be present?

* 12. If yes, please include their name(s)

* 13. Please provide the URL link to your RunTogether #runandtalk run if applicable.