What is Romsey Future?

Romsey’s strong community spirit is what makes Romsey special. We are a community which is proud of our town, we are passionate about the future of our town and we are pragmatic and enthusiastic about the part we need to play in shaping its future. In a nutshell, this is about our town, our future.

Romsey Future sets out a long term vision for Romsey. The intention is to have in place a plan of action to help Romsey deal with the changes it will face over the next 20 years.

Our vision for Romsey is being delivered through a set of strategic ambitions. In 2015 each ambition was developed as a result of local organisations and the community coming together to talk about what a successful Romsey will look like in 20 years.  

The current Romsey Future ambitions are:
•   Getting around Romsey - Deliver improved access to, from and within Romsey.
•   Enhancing Romsey - Enhance and maintain all areas of Romsey so that it retains its character and is ever more attractive to residents and visitors.
•   Enjoying Romsey - Establish Romsey as a renowned place to visit and spend time in.
•   Living well in Romsey - Develop homes and communities that meet the future needs of the town.
•   Developing the economy in Romsey - Develop Romsey’s offer as a sustainable and vibrant place where footfall increases and employment and business opportunities thrive.

However, it’s more than just a plan. Romsey Future is an active partnership of many groups and organisations working together to build consensus and deliver on shared ambitions. We have been working together to deliver projects, to attract funding, and to guide future policies and strategies at a service and spatial level.

Romsey Future projects you may have seen or heard about include :
·         New cycle racks across the town
·         Walking & cycling map for Romsey
·         Outdoor gym equipment
·         Skate park

Romsey Future has also shared views and had input on a number of wider projects:
·         Market place development
·         Fishlake Meadows Nature Reserve
·         Youth in Romsey facility
·         Romsey South of Town Centre Masterplan
·         Romsey 10k fitness trail
·         Bell Street improvements

Taking forward the vision and the strategic ambitions for Romsey is an ongoing process that brings people together to help influence and shape the town for many years to come.

We are now seeking to revisit the vision and understand what’s changed over the last 5 years, what Romsey residents think are the most important things for their town and what their aspirations are for Romsey in the future. You can help to shape the ongoing priorities by taking part in the short survey below.
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