Romero Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It will take approximately five and seven minutes.

This survey helps us to gather your views. It follows on from the survey completed in Summer 2019.

We hope that we will see progress in aspects of the school. We do ask that if you have specific concerns, that these should be addressed with the school directly using the appropriate process. 

We ask that you refrain from using the names of any other pupil or students in the school within comments and any comments regarding staff should be constructive.

If you have more that one pupil in a school, you may wish to complete a separate survey for each child or if answers are similar, you can complete both on the one survey.

If you have children at both a Primary and Secondary school within Romero (or two Primary schools), we do ask that you complete a separate survey for each school, to enable us to analyse. 

GDPR - By completing this survey, you are agreeing to provide the information. It is optional to leave your name at the end of the survey.

The data collected will be used by the Governance and school leaders to help us understand your feedback - what we are doing well as a school and areas we can improve.

COVID - 19
We are aware that this survey falls at a time when we have had closure in schools. Please complete the survey with an overall view in mind. Any constructive comments regarding how we have managed this unprecedented time are welcome if appropriate.
Ofsted - we were imminently due Ofsted in three schools but unfortunately all routine inspections have been suspended. We evaluate all our schools as at least 'Good' schools; we are very positive about future inspections.

Thank you

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* 1. Which year is your child(ren) in?

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* 2. Which school does your child attend?

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* 3. Please respond to the following questions:

  Strongly Agree Agree DIsagree Strongly Disagree Don't know
1. My child is happy at this school
2. My child feels safe at school.
3. My child is making good progress.
4. My child is well looked after at this school.
5. My child is well taught at this school.
6. My child receives an appropriate homework for his/her age.
7. This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.
8. The school deals effectively with bullying.
9. This school is well led and managed.
10. The school responds well to any concerns I raise.
11. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.
12. I am happy that my child is part of the Romero Catholic Academy.
13. My child knows what it means to be a good citizen.
14. The school understands and responds to my child’s needs.
15. PRIMARY ONLY  I am considering selecting Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School as my child’s first choice for secondary school.
16. SECONDARY ONLY I am pleased that my child is attending Cardinal Wiseman 
16. I am happy with my child’s Journey of Faith.
17. The school has high expectations. My child is encouraged to work hard and do their best.
18. My child enjoys a stimulating range of extra-curricular activities.
19. There are opportunities to get involved in my child’s education and development.
20. My child gets on well with children from other backgrounds.
21. *Added question for 2020* There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school.
22. PRIMARY ONLY I am aware of the support available when my child transitions to Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School.
23. SECONDARY ONLY My child has had a smooth transition from primary school to Cardinal Wiseman Secondary School

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* 4. COVID 19 *New for 2020*
As a school, we welcome constructive feedback on how we have communicated/ organised arrangements through this unprecedented period.
We are mindful that we are still not in a position to confirm arrangements (e.g. transition) due awaiting further Guidance from DfE or the Bishop Conference in relation to Sacraments (especially Communion).
We hope to update you as soon as we have information.

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* 5. Name one thing you like about the school:

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* 6. Name one thing you would improve about the school:

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* 7. I would recommend this school to another parent / carer.

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* 8. Please provide any comments which would further explain your responses.

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* 9. Optional - your name and email if you would be happy for us to follow up any aspect of your questionnaire.
Alternatively leave this blank if you wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire.
Please do remember that you are encouraged to provide feedback or raise any concerns you have with your child’s class teacher or school leadership team.