Let us know what you think!

Rochdale Council is currently working with Rochdale Parent Carers Voice to obtain parent and carer views on how we couldĀ develop our self-referral Short Break opportunities within the Rochdale Borough. We would like as many parents and carers to give us their views via consultation sessions and by completing this short questionnaire. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Parent Carer Officer - Justin Henderson on 01706 925 120 or Justin.Henderson@Rochdale.gov.uk

* 1. Would you prefer self-referral Short Break opportunities to be based within a single central setting or continue to be based at various locations across the Rochdale Borough?

* 2. What additional self-referral Short Break opportunities would you like to see be made available in the Rochdale Borough?

* 3. In which of the following age ranges would you like to see more self-referral Short Break opportunities?

* 4. Currently the self-referral Short Break allocations are done on a first come first serve basis. Is there any way you think we could do things differently? (eg. Allocated number of hours or restricted use)

* 5. How did you originally hear about Rochdale's Short Break opportunities?