Adult Carers - Richmond Carers Centre

Dear Carer
As a carer, you have received one or more of the services listed below.  Some of these are part of the Carers Hub Service led by Richmond Carers Centre.

We would like to hear from you about the type of service you have received and how this has benefited you as an unpaid carer.

The statements below have been designed to help us identify the impact that Richmond Carers Centre has on carers accessing the service under 3 key areas:

1.  A good experience of care and support
2.  Reducing the stress associated with caring
3.  Enabling carers to live their own life as well as care

The statements may not all apply to you as everyone’s experience is different. How you rate the statements and which ones are relevant to you will depend on your individual need and your view about the difference it has made to your life as a carer.
Please note, we are not asking you about the impact that accessing support from other local statutory (Health and Social Care) or voluntary sector organisations has had on you.

Your feedback is extremely important to us as it will help us shape our future service offer for carers. The results will be published on Richmond Carers Centre website ( in September/ October 2018 and shared with the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames who commission the Carers Hub Service.

The survey should take approximately 3 minutes to complete.


* 1. Please can you tell us what support/services you have received from Richmond Carers Centre?

* 2. As a result of the contact you have had and the services and support you have received from Richmond Carers Centre, please could you tell us how you feel you have benefited by rating the following statements.   

If you feel a statement does not apply to you and your individual needs, please tick not relevant.

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Not sure Not relevant
I feel recognised and valued as a carer
I feel I have been treated with dignity and respect
I feel better able to provide support to the person I care for
I feel better able to get the help I need when I need it
I feel I know what support is available to carers
I feel I have been supported to maintain/improve my own health and wellbeing
I feel my needs as a carer have been understood
I feel supported in finding time for myself and having the break that I need from caring
I feel more informed about my rights and entitlements as a carer
I feel better able to pursue some of my own interests
I feel better able to cope with the demands of caring
I feel more confident in my caring role
I feel better able to understand my own needs as a carer
I feel I have a better support network / am less isolated

* 3. Would you recommend Richmond Carers Centre to other carers?

* 4. Please tell us more about how you feel you have benefited from the support you have received from Richmond Carers Centre.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey and to tell us about the difference our services have made for you as a carer. Your feedback is very important to us and is much appreciated.

Please select DONE to submit your completed survey.

If you would like any further support please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 88672380 or email



Privacy Notice
The purpose of this survey is to monitor the outcomes of the services provided through the Carers Hub Service only.  All responses will be anonymous.  We will analyse the results of this survey and publicise these in a future edition of the Richmond Carers Centre Newsletter and on Richmond Carers Centre website.  Survey responses will be destroyed after analysis has been completed.