The Re:generations Conference Committee invites practitioners, researchers, and practitioner-researchers to contribute to this year’s theme of The Digital Space. By offering opportunities to reflect on cultural and artistic innovation through digital technologies, the conference aims to celebrate, enable, create conditions for exchange, be an ambassador for dance of the African Diaspora in the UK and beyond, and advocate for leadership within dance. We are seeking a wide range of contributors (papers, videos or panel discussions) from across the sector. The Committee welcomes ideas for presentations in person or via digital formats, that are accessible and rigorous in order to stimulate lively discussion.

We welcome proposals on the following topics which may include, but are not limited to:

Digital Networks across Diasporic spaces and artistic practices

Use of Social Media Digital Platforms: as transmitting, appropriating, &/or pedagogical spaces

Impact of Technology and the Futuristic Space &/or Afrofuturism

Digital Archive and the African/Caribbean/Africanist/Diasporic spaces

Dance Science, mental and physical health in Diasporic spaces and dance knowledge

Dance, the Internet and Popular Culture

Sustainability of the Dance of the African Diaspora sector in the 21st Century

Dance Education and Pedagogy
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