ADUK Regional Meeting Development Questionnaire

As part of ADUK's development strategy, we are assessing the development of our Regional Meetings programme.  We would be grateful if you could spend five minutes giving us an honest appraisal of how we could improve and further develop this programme to meet our members' needs.

* 1. Do you attend Regional Meetings?

* 2. When did you last attend an ADUK Regional Meeting?

* 3. What makes a good Regional Meeting?

* 4. What other arts meetings/events do you attend?

* 5. Would you be willing to pay for refreshments for Arts Development Meetings?

* 6. Would you be willing to pay for guest speakers?

* 7. What subjects would you be willing to pay for?

* 8. Would you like to see more digital on-line meetings

* 9. Would you be willing to supply a venue for free to host a meeting?

* 10. We are looking to introduce webinars and on-line training - would you be willing to pay for these?

* 11. Thank you for your help in completing this survey.  If you have any other comments or issues that you would like to raise about Regional Meetings or other aspects of ADUK membership, please comment below: