The Reading Hack Call for Ideas Application Form

Do you have a big idea to get other people reading more? We're looking for creative, ambitious youth-led projects that will help more young people to enjoy reading, or make reading more accessible. Fill in the application form below to share your idea. All applications will be reviewed by our panel of young judges, and we'll get back to you in March to let you know if you've been successful. 
Please make sure your group is eligible before you apply. You'll need to be a group of young people (or one young person) aged 13-24, have a project lead (age 18+) and be part of a named organisation with a bank account. Your event, project or activity needs to be aimed at other young people, and to take place before July 2018. You can check your group is eligible and get more information about the application process here.
We want to keep this process as inclusive as possible. If your group is unable to make an application via SurveyMonkey, please email or call 020 7324 2551 and let us know. We are happy to make adjustments as needed.

* 1. Project group name

* 2. Project base

This is the name of the place where you will do most of the project planning, such as a school, library, youth group etc.

* 3. Postcode

* 4. How many young people are in your group?

This question refers to young people who will be planning and coordinating the project, rather than young people who will be taking part.

* 5. Project Lead

The Project Lead (18+) is somebody who is supporting or taking part in the project. They need to be part of a named organisation with a bank account, such as a library, youth group or school. This is the person who we will speak to about funding, publicity, feedback etc, and who we will send the money to if your idea is chosen. 

* 6. Contact email

* 7. Contact phone number

* 8. Please tell us about your idea is in no more than 500 words. You might want to think about the following questions: 

What is your idea?
What will you spend the £500 on?

How will your idea promote reading to other young people?
How many young people do you think your idea will reach?
When will different phases of your project happen? 

How will you let young people know about your idea?
Does your project include any digital elements? If so please explain.
Are there any risks related to your project? (e.g. DBS checks, health and safety etc.)

* 9. How did you hear about the Reading Hack Call for Ideas? 

* 10. If there is any other information you think it would be useful for Reading Hack to know, please include it here. If you think your idea will cost more than £500, please use this space to explain why, as we may be able to offer budget extensions on request.