Thanks for taking part in our annual LTSU Rate your Union survey.

Your answers help us celebrate areas of strength and improve where we need to. Should you have any questions about the survey you can come into the SU offices to find out more or email us at
First of all we have a few questions about you..

* 2. What is your institute/school of study?

* 3. How do you self define your gender?

* 6. Have you ever considered leaving Leeds Trinity University before completing your studies?

* 7. Have you taken part in the SU in any of the following activities?

  Yes No
Been a Course Rep or given feedback to my Course Rep
Taken part in an event e.g. Freshers, Refreshers, Give it a Go, Club and Society Awards, Student Led Staff Awards 
Sought advice or support from our SU Welfare Service, one of the student officers or staff members in the SU
Been involved in a Sports Club or Society either as a committee member or as a participant
Participated in some other way (e.g. voted or been a candidate in an election)