Information for Participants

Welcome to our survey
The purpose of this study is to gain understanding of the experiences of racism in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people working or studying in the UK veterinary sector.  In order to inform development and monitor the effectiveness of appropriate interventions to tackle racism and increase diversity in the sector, it is necessary to understand people’s experiences and perceptions of all types of racism.

Who is eligible to take part? BAME people working or studying in any part of the UK veterinary sector are eligible to take part, including people in any clinical, non-clinical or support role in veterinary organisations, institutions, industry or practices. 
What does taking part involve? Taking part involves completion of a questionnaire, which includes writing an account of your experiences of racism encountered whilst working/studying in the UK veterinary sector.
  • You will first be asked to answer eight demographic 'tick box' questions.
  • You will then be asked to answer six ‘tick box’ questions and two ‘free text’ questions to tell us about your experiences and perceptions of racism while working/studying in the sector, and the impact that this has had on you.
  • There are also two optional ‘free text’ questions that allow you to make any suggestions about what you think could or should be done to help tackle racism in the veterinary sector, and provide any additional comments.
It would be useful to us if you can provide as much detail as you feel comfortable to when writing about your experiences, as this helps with our qualitative analyses.

We are also planning to conduct a small number of follow-up telephone or video call interviews with selected participants to explore their experiences further.
  • If you are willing to be contacted about a follow-up interview you will be able to provide contact information at the end of the questionnaire. 
  • This is not a commitment - you will not be under any obligation to proceed with an interview if you change your mind.
Is taking part voluntary? Yes. If taking part upsets you in any way, we encourage you to contact the sources of support provided throughout the questionnaire.
Is this study anonymous? Yes. Interview volunteers will be asked to provide a contact method (email address or phone number), but are not required to give their name. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, we will not use these contact details for any other purpose and will not share them with anyone else. Once the study is completed, contact details will be permanently deleted.

How will the information I provide be used? The accounts provided will be qualitatively analysed and findings will be presented at scientific conferences, to veterinary professional bodies, and published in an academic journal. Reports and presentations will include selected direct quotes from participant's accounts. We will remove or change any potential identifiers of any individual or organisation from the quotes we use.

Can I withdraw from this study at any time? You are able to withdraw from this study up to four weeks from the date at which you submit your consent for inclusion by contacting with your personal withdrawal code that you entered on the consent page. Interview participants will be able to withdraw their data, without giving a reason, at any point until the final research report is submitted.

Does this study have ethical approval? Yes. Approval has been granted by the Social Science Research Ethical Review Board at the Royal Veterinary College, URN SR2020-0224.
If you have any further questions about this study, please contact:
Victoria Crossley, Royal Veterinary College, or
Navaratnam Partheeban, British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society,

Sources of support:

Vetlife (Helpline: 0303 040 2551)

British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society

Samaritans (08457 909090)