Did you know Mistletoe grows in Rushcliffe? We know that Mistletoe grows on trees in West Bridgford and Radcliffe on Trent, but we want to find out how common it is in those areas and if it grows elsewhere in Rushcliffe. So if you know of a tree with Mistletoe growing on it, please let us know by answering the following questions.

Mistletoe in Britain grows mainly in the SW Midlands of England. Within that area most of the seasonal mistletoe harvest comes from traditional apple orchards - apple being mistletoe's favourite host tree.

Outside this area (and also within it) mistletoe's other primary habitat is in gardens where it is usually planted on fruit, particularly apple trees. It also grows on many other trees. Mistletoe supports a wide range of wildlife, some of which can be rare and adds value to the biodiversity of an area

Your response is welcomed and will be shared with partner organization's to help protect our wildlife in Rushcliffe

Mistletoe in West Bridgford

Mistletoe in West Bridgford

* 1. Where is the tree on which you have seen Mistletoe growing?

* 2. Give the OS Grid reference for the tree, if known.
Grid references can be found by visiting this website zooming into your location and right clicking. We are interested in the figure in orange which will start with “SK”.

* 3. How many clumps of Mistletoe are on the tree?

* 4. What species of tree is the Mistletoe growing on?

* 5. Is the tree on private or public land ?

* 6. Is the Mistletoe pruned, managed or harvested (e.g. for Christmas)?

* 7. Please enter any other information that may be of interest about the tree you are telling us about:

* 8. Is the Mistletoe male or female? 
Mistletoe has separate male and female plants, and only the female has berries. The male plants become particularly obvious in winter when the female plants bear berries.

* 9. Do you know how long the mistletoe has been on this tree? 
Has it 'always' been there or did it arrive recently? How long ago?  - please add any other information that might be relevant

* 10. If you like to be sent updates on this survey's findings please add your name and an email and/or postal address

* 11. If you have a photo of the Mistletoe you have seen, this can be uploaded here

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* 12. And finally: Please write in the date you are filling in this survey