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All visitors to our sites are expected to follow the general terms of conditions as set out below. 

General terms and conditions for entry to Edinburgh Zoo can be found at 
General terms and conditions for entry to the Highland Wildlife Park can be found at

Please note the following additional terms and conditions for taking an education session at our sites. 

For Health and Safety reasons children aged 15 or under must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or over at all times.

Minimum Charges

There is a £40 minimum charge for all Education sessions (£25 for groups where all students have additional support needs). This will only be charged if numbers attending fall below the minimum level. 

A cancellation fee of £40 (£25 for ASN groups) will be charged if cancellation is made 14 days or less before your visit. This will be subtracted from your next booking charge if a new booking is made within 3 school months of the original visit date.

Late arrival
On the day of the visit late arrival may result in a shortened or cancelled session. If your group is running late, please contact us on 0131 314 0335 and let us know your expected new arrival time.

Please be aware that if the group is more than 30 minutes late to the Education Centre the session may have to be cancelled due to time constraints, and the group will then be invoiced at the normal group rate for entrance rather than the discounted education rate.

No shows
In order to be eligible for the discounted education rate, your group must attend the education session. If you have booked an education session and visit the Zoo/Park but don't turn up for your session then you will be charged at group admission rates. If you have already paid on the day at education rates, there will be an additional charge in the form of an extra invoice sent out. 

Behaviour during the session
Education officers teaching a session expect all people attending to behave in a respectful and responsible way during the session, and to follow given instructions. Education officers reserve the right to ask for a disruptive person to be removed from the session, or to end a session early due to poor behaviour. 

You will be contacted after the date of the visit with a feedback request, it would be greatly appreciated if the group leader could complete the feedback questionnaire online.

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