Parent Questionnaire

The Croydon Parent Forum is a collective of parent carers of children and young people with SEND from all corners of the borough. The steering group meets once a month, and exists to ensure that the parent/carer experience is understood and perspectives represented whenever the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group etc are commissioning new services or consulting on strategies, services and products. 

In the last few months, we’ve contributed to the Carer’s Strategy, been involved in developing the new 0-5 ASD diagnostic pathway with the CCG, reviewed and commented on early drafts of Croydon’s SEND Strategy, and met with David Butler (Director of Education for Croydon, which also includes responsibility for SEND). We want to be able to represent as many SEND parents/carers, and to do so we need your help. 

On November 21st  there is an event 'Question Time with Croydon's Education & Social Care Directors' at which parent carers will have a chance to put questions to Alison Farmer (Head of SEND), David Butler, Caroline Baxter (Assistant Director of All Age Disability) and Mike Brown (Head of Children with Disabilities Service) . In order to make sure the priorities of Croydon SEND parents and carers are represented, we’re inviting people to indicate on the list below what they’d most like to hear about from the guest speakers. Alternatively, if there is a specific question you’d like to have answered, please add it at the end. Please note that the speakers will not be able to to address personal cases or specific historical issues in detail, so wherever possible, please try to generalise your questions as they’ll be more likely to be answered.

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate your priorities in the following areas - EDUCATION:

  High Priority Medium Priority LowPriority
Special schools in Croydon
SEND in mainstream schools
Staff training
Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Educational Psychology (all availability)
Post 16 options
Early Years
SEN budgets
Local Offer
Personal Budgets

Question Title

* 2. Please indicate your priorities in the following areas - SOCIAL CARE:

  High Priority Medium Priority LowPriority
Carers assessments
Carers card 
Direct payments
Local Offer
Short breaks
Preparing for adulthood

Question Title

* 3. Please indicate your priorities in the following areas - HEALTH:

  High Priority Medium Priority LowPriority
Local Offer
Parent courses
GP role in referral and support
Referral waiting times
Health passport
Personal Health Budgets

Question Title

* 4. Please indicate your priorities in the following areas:

  High Priority Medium Priority LowPriority
Wraparound care
Holiday clubs eg. RAP
Funding of social and health clubs
Funding gaps
Adults (over 18)

Question Title

* 5. Please give details below of any other areas you feel are a priority or a question you would like answered.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.