Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP), in partnership with Karolinska Institutet and Angels Santé – Angels for Health, has partnered with thought leaders WhatIf! Innovation to deliver the Intrapreneur Programme using an approach widely adopted across industry to unlock intractable problems.  
It is designed for senior leaders (clinical and non-clinical) who are seeking to create a culture of innovation in their organisation, working with challenge teams who are pioneering radical new ways of working to improve patient care whilst saving money.

The purpose of the programme is to enable health and social care organisations to build capability and capacity to address their challenges through innovation – both the capacity to create new ideas and the capacity to be better at adopting them, with a strong focus on scouting for existing best practices, borrowing from other industries/sectors and adapting solutions to their environment. Those with existing or emergent challenges are encouraged to apply. There will also be the opportunity to build networks with other participants in the programme.

For a place on the programme you will need to demonstrate the following in your application:

1) A clear problem or challenge identification. Challenge aims must meet a need which is evidence-based and data driven. This will enable the impact of innovations to be measured when evaluated. 

2) Applicants are encouraged to participate as teams or groups who will be able to address these challenges together. Attendees should already have some experience of and capability in delivering quality improvement and be ready to take these skills a step further.

3) Evidence that you have considered how you will work with users to define ‘value’ and co-design your challenge with them.  

4) Any progress made to date on this challenge. (New challenges at concept stage are also welcome to apply, but need to demonstrate how they meet the criteria).

Participating in the Intrapreneur programme will mean you are able to commit to:

1) Attend the 2.5 days classroom sessions in Paris (6-8th November) and complete online work before and after the classroom sessions.

2) Complete the actions between sessions to progress your challenge.

3) Fees of €1950.

The deadline for applications is midday on Friday 5 October 2018. All applications will be notified on Monday 15 October 2018.

Question Title

* 1. Name of challenge

Question Title

* 2. Organisation represented

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* 3. Please outline the challenge you wish to tackle on the course, your ambition and broad aims. (Word limit 400 words)

Question Title

* 4. Please describe how you have worked to face this challenge or other similar challenges before? Please outline what worked well and what did not. (Word limit 400 words)

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* 5. Please describe any progress you have made to date on discussions related to the challenge, e.g. stakeholder engagement, early testing or other challenge activity (Word limit 400 words)

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* 6. What do you see as the added benefit from attending the Intrapreneur programme? (Word limit 400 words)

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* 7. Please give the details for of your challenge team (including names, roles, organisations and email address). Please also include user representatives.

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* 8. Please give the details of your challenge lead: