FM World August 2017 Think Tank

* 1. We’re often told that the FM team’s dealings with end-user customers is a critical interface. Furthermore, the way in which facilities personnel act on the service front-line can have major implications for repeat business or user satisfaction. In short, how facilities team members are directed in the work they do is critical to FM’s success - and that means strong supervisory level management.

Different organisations have different approaches to the FM supervisor role. Anabas, for example, calls its supervisory staff ‘floor captains’ and allows them considerably autonomy to perform their role. For our latest Think Tank, we’re asking what you think of this important role in the FM team.

Do we need more supervisory level FM personnel from hospitality background? What makes a strong FM at this level stand out? What are the trends in the way FM supervisors are trained, appointed and deployed? And how do such roles differ by industry sector?

As ever we welcome your views on all of the above - and we’d like you to select one of the following options:

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