Our members frequently experience operational problems with the Legal Aid Agency (LAA). While many problems are resolved through the contract manager others are not, and we have devised this survey to collect together examples of problems that practitioners are experiencing.

The intention is to use this information in discussions with the LAA addressing problems with their services. We are not able to respond to everyone who answers this survey individually, but the survey will help us identify where there are common problems and assist us in our lobbying work with the LAA and the Ministry of Justice.

We also intend to publish a report of the survey findings on our website. Please be advised that if you have a problem you should always contact your contract manager to help you resolve the problem in the first instance, and this survey is for issues where contract managers have not been able to assist.

Question Title

* 1. Which area of law does your problem relate to?

Question Title

* 2. What is the issue? (If you have more then one issue please use the comment box at the end to explain the others.)