Help us develop our direction for the next three years

In August and September this year we talked to more than 450 staff, members, volunteers and partner organisations in order to develop our next three year strategy for the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH).

Our thanks go to everyone who participated. We read all the comments and used them as we developed a draft strategy which sets our direction and priorities for the next three years.

Your feedback on our draft strategy
We want to know what our members, volunteers, staff and partners think. So we are sharing some of the comments we have heard and the main headings from our draft strategy, in order to check our future direction.

Please help us by completing this survey. There are eight questions and it will take about 10 minutes. All comments will be considered as we finalise our strategy.

Your contribution will be anonymous. The deadline for comments is 12.00 on Monday 13 November.

Thank you for your help.

If you have any queries, please contact:

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* 1. Tell us about you
Please choose one of the following – the one that describes your main relationship with RUH:

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* 2. What people have said to us
In August and September we had many meetings and interviews with members, volunteers, staff and partner organisations to help us develop our strategy.

Here are some of their comments:
·         Put patients at the heart of everything we do
·         Listening, responding and sharing information with dignity and respect
·         Involving patients in developing our services

·         All staff living and breathing our values
·         Better staff recruitment, retention and development
·         Staff as the fundamental building block – if we take care of our workforce we will take care of patients

·         Patient safety and service improvement our highest priority
·         High standards of treatment and care
·         Targeted initiatives to improve patient experience 

·         Strong partnership working, bringing organisations together to provide seamless care
·         Good governance, financial management and planning

These, and many other comments and recommendations, are shaping our strategy.

Is there anything you would add to this list? If so, please describe it briefly below. If not, please go on to question 3:

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* 3. Our vision
When we talked to people about our strategy this September, everyone wanted us to provide high standards of healthcare. Many welcomed our values, which we developed with our staff, members, patients and carers: 
  • Everyone matters
  • Working together
  • Making a difference
People said that living and breathing these values will help us to be an outstanding Acute Trust.

Participants also wanted the RUH to be proud of its staff – and hoped that staff feel proud to be part of the RUH and NHS.

We have taken these important comments to form our vision. This vision will steer our direction and we want it to inspire our wonderful staff:

Our vision:
'Proud to provide the highest quality of care; delivered by an outstanding team who live our values.'

Do you broadly support our proposed vision?

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* 4. Our goals

The final questions ask for your views on each of our five goals. These goals will be our main focus. They will shape our planning and enable us to develop and improve our services.

Goal 1: Patient

Recognised as a listening organisation; patient centred and compassionate

We will
- Meet the emotional and physical needs of patients and carers, through high quality treatment and care throughout the patient journey: putting the patient at the heart of all we do.
- Listen and share information effectively and with dignity and respect.
- Actively encourage feedback: listening to patient and carer experiences, making improvements where necessary and reporting back on what we have done.
- Support and develop staff to enable them to involve patients in the design and development of our administration, the provision of care, and improvements to hospital facilities and environment.

Do you broadly support this goal?

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* 5. Goal 2: Staff

Be an outstanding place to work where staff can flourish.

We will:
- Live our values, so every member of staff knows that they matter and that they are making a difference.
- Help our teams work together, learning from successes and failures.
- Support our staff to learn, develop and lead, so they can be outstanding at their role.
- Be a compassionate, flexible, dynamic employer of choice for people living and working in our area, providing clear and compassionate leadership.

Do you broadly support this goal?

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* 6. Goal 3: Quality

Quality improvements each and every day.

We will
- Place patient safety and quality improvement at the heart of all we do.
- Have a single and shared understanding of what quality means, with all staff behaving in a compassionate, safe and exemplary way. 
- Support our clinical leaders and all our staff through education and training, through a culture of openness, and targeted initiatives to improve patient experience, outcomes and value.

Do you broadly support this goal?

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* 7. Goal 4: Systems and partnerships

Work together with our partners to strengthen our community.

We will:

- Work in partnership with other health care providers and employers, and with public and voluntary organisations and groups to build joined-up patient care for all communities in our healthcare region.
- Share in the responsibilities of leadership in our healthcare economy and region, driving forward innovative and collaborative approaches to deliver healthcare improvements and efficiencies.
- Review, challenge and support the actions we take to improve our performance against national standards.

Do you broadly support this goal?

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* 8. Goal 5: Sustainable

Be a sustainable organisation that is fit for the future.

We will
- Use public money wisely, maximising the benefit we get from all of our resources to improve value, quality of care and patient experience.
- Take responsibility for our environmental impact.
- Be an innovative membership organisation: shaping the future, learning from others, working in partnership and challenging ourselves to do better.

Do you broadly support this goal?