Celebrating the brands that advocate for the LGBT+ community!

Brands and the advertising / marketing campaigns they produce can be integral agents of change for LGBT+ acceptance. When brands use their voice to celebrate and amplify inclusion and acceptance, it leads to positive change, not just for their customers, but for LGBT+ people everywhere. For the 2021 British LGBT Awards, a panel of LGBT+ industry experts will judge the Brand or Marketing Campaign category entries on merit. If shortlisted, you will be asked to provide background or evidence of:

- Your brand values in relation to this award, and brand objectives in relation to the LGBT+ community
- Campaigns you have carried out after 30 June 2019 that include the LGBT+ community
- Any support your brand has given the LGBT+ community, i.e. sponsorship of Pride in London, support of an LGBT+ charity
- Any further information that shows how your brand has attracted the LGBT+ demographic, changed perceptions, or how your brand is used by the LGBT+ community

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* 3. Please give a description of the LGBT-focused brand values / marketing campaign, up to 100 words, which will be used as a biography on the British LGBT Awards site.