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Please only complete these questions if you have had a baby within the past year AND have watched one or more of the videos.

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Jenna and Lorna

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* 1. Which video(s) did you watch today?

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* 2. Which videos did you find useful?

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* 3. We would like to understand your awareness of physiotherapy advice and exercises before watching the videos, and whether you found them useful afterwards.

  1. Very aware 1. Aware 1. Indifferent 1. Not aware at all 2. Highly likely 2. Likely 2. Indifferent 2. Not likely
1. How aware were you of recommended exercises and advice before watching the videos?
2. How likely are you to follow the recommended exercises and advice having viewed the videos now?

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* 4. How would you prefer to have received your after pregnancy and birth physiotherapy recovery advice? (Please rate these in order by moving the options around the page)

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* 5. What are the most important things for you regarding how you receive your physiotherapy information? (Please select all relevant words and feel free to add any others using the free-text option)

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