Third Public Consultation, April - June 2019

RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard 

Public Consultation, April – June 2019

About this survey

Through this on-line survey, you can submit your comments on the proposed RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard (RSPO ISH Standard). The survey is structured to enable overall comments as well as specific text suggestions per each principle, criteria and indicator. 
Please make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser before starting the survey.

The survey is divided into 5 sections:

  1. About you (mandatory).
  2. Feedback on phased approach and process for certification of independent smallholders
  3. Feedback about the Principles, Criteria and Indicators.
  4. Feedback on Systems Requirements for Group Formation and Management and Guidance for group managers 
  5. General feedback.
Section 1 is the only mandatory section. Please complete Section 1 (About you) and then proceed to answer the questions in the remaining sections. If you only want to provide comments on specific aspects of the RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard, you can skip any section (except for Section 1) and move on to the next.

Please note:

If you need to exit the survey before completing it, PLEASE CLICK 'NEXT' on the last page you worked on, to save all your inputs up to that point.

Please note: Once you have finished the survey, you MUST CLICK SUBMIT SURVEY at the end of Section 5 to submit your responses. 

Thank you for participating; your feedback and inputs are fundamental to this process.