Welcome to VDSL RFI Survey of levels

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.
In this survey we want to find how many amateurs are suffering from VDSL RFI and how bad that is. 
This is important as Ofcom and Openreach quote the low number of reported problems as reasons for not taking further action.
We will be asking you to make a note of noise levels at a number of frequencies from 27 kHz to 18 MHz. You will only need to set your receiver to AM or SSB with a 3kHz bandwidth tune to each frequency and note the S meter reading (or dBm is you use an SDR) in the survey. Then tune to next frequency on the survey.
Don’t worry if you cannot receive at all these frequencies – just provide the data where you can. Similarly don’t worry if you do not have an antenna for the specific frequency concerned – we are interested in the difference between VDSL signals and the real background levels (VDSL noise is absent at VDSL band transitions), so the actual antenna is less important.