Thank you for suggesting a show that HAG might be able to stage.  Please be assured that we consider every show suggested.  If you leave your name, we will get back to you with feedback.  We assess all suggestions according to the following:
  • Is the show available to be performed as an amateur production?
  • Is this a show that we could reasonably market in our catchment?
  • What is the cost of performance royalties?
  • What is the size of the cast (in particular, what is the requirement for men)?
  • What are the staging requirements?
  • Are there special requirements for singing, dancing or orchestra?
  • Are there any youth requirements?
Please don't make the above list put you off making a suggestion.  We are looking for suggestions that use our core capabilities in drama but perhaps stretch us to acquire new talent and do new things.

For one of the 2018 slots, we are looking for a show that is thematic with the ending of hostilities in the first world war.  Also for guidance, we generally use the Christmas slot for a combined HAG Rocks!, Young Stars, HAG Drama production, so suggestions for play-lets and youth pieces would be welcome.  Nothing is set in stone however, so if you've got something in mind - suggest it!

* 1. What is your show suggestion?

* 2. How would you feel about directing your selection?

* 3. How would you feel about producing your selection?

* 4. Which slot do you think the show might be best placed in (check all those that apply)?

* 5. Please write anything you want in support of the show:

* 6. If you would like feedback on your suggestion, please leave your name: