Celebrating Yorkshire's Grassroots Culture

Public Vote for The Yorkshire Gig Guide Grassroots Awards is now Open.- Thirteen categories 1. Media 2. New Festival 3. Established Festival 4. Outstanding Contribution 5. Outstanding Promoter 6. Small Live Venue 7. Established Live Venue  8. Music Club 9. Artist/band 10. Open Mic 11. Songwriting 12. Live sound/recording engineer. 13. The Peoples choice
Public vote decides the top five in each category. Vote for your choice below... Vote closes, Thursday August 31st
Judging panel will decide the order of the Top Five in each category who will then be listed and winners will be announced at the awards ceremony Saturday October 7th.
The award ceremony will be held at - Pocklington Arts Centre, Pocklington
The evening will include entertainment, food and of course the awards ceremony, in a celebration of Yorkshires grassroots music.

* 1. Vote for Yorkshire Media of 2017

* 2. Vote For Yorkshire Outstanding New Festival of 2017

* 3. Vote For Yorkshire Outstanding Established Festival of 2017

* 4. Vote For Outstanding Individual / contribution of 2017

* 5. Vote for Yorkshire Outstanding Promoter of 2017

* 6. Vote for Yorkshire's Outstanding Small Live_Venue_of_2017:

* 7. Vote for Yorkshire's Outstanding Large Live_Venue_of_2017:

* 8. Vote for Yorkshire Outstanding Music Club of 2017:

* 9. Vote for Yorkshire Outstanding  Artist/Band 0f 2017:

* 10. Vote for Yorkshire Outstanding Open Mic of 2017

* 11. Vote for Yorkshire's Outstanding Songwriting of 2017;

* 12. Vote for Yorkshire Outstanding live Sound and Recording Engineer of 2017;

* 13. Vote for Peoples Choice- Contributing back to Grassroots origins 2017;