The Big Housing Survey

The information from this survey will help develop the Union's accommodation campaigns in the future. All information will be used in the strictest of confidence.
Please keep an eye out for all our activity this year, including our first big housing event in late November.

All respondents to the survey will have the chance to enter themselves into a prize draw, with £100, £50 and £25 vouchers for Amazon up for grabs. Good luck!

* 1. What is your current year of study?

* 2. What is your student status?

* 3. When did you start looking for accommodation?

* 4. What influenced your accommodation choice? (1 = highest priority)

* 5. When did you sign the contract for your current tenancy?

* 6. Who is your current property provider?

* 7. What is your weekly rent?

* 8. What additional information were you provided when you moved in?

* 9. How much were your up-front fees? (Deposit/Agency/Administration/Checking Costs)

* 10. Did you understand the costs and terms of your contract before signing?

* 11. Upon moving in, the quality of the house and furnishings met my expectations

* 12. How responsive is your provider to your issues?

* 13. Would you recommend your provider to other students?

* 14. If you have an issue you would like to tell our team about in confidence, please do so below and indicate whether you would like someone to contact you

* 15. To be entered into the prize draw, please enter your Leicester username below