Incredible Kids

At Incredible Kids (IK) we highly value the people that give their time and effort towards the achievement of the charity goals. The function of all volunteer and paid staff members are to enhance the quality of provision of services. The trustees have a duty of care towards all volunteers and paid workers and therefore will use their best judgement in the appointment process and monitoring of the performance of assigned roles. The objective is to create a satisfying experience and safe environment for all members.

 In order to ensure that the charity provides the best possible service to our constituents, we require that all applicants (volunteer or paid staff) complete the relevant questionnaire as a standard step in a fair appointments process. The provided information enables us to make informed decisions around human resources and the services we set out to deliver.

To carry out its work, IK seeks to appoint effective and appropriate Leaders, and to involve other volunteers in supporting roles, all of whom are required to accept fully the responsibilities of their commitment. The overriding considerations in making all appointments at IK is the safety and security of young people, and their continued development in accordance with IK's purpose and the values.


·         Please complete the following Appointments Application Questionnaire: For a Paid Position.

·         Completed questionnaires are considered confidential information.

·         Applicants can arrange to meet with any trustee member for the purpose of helping them complete the questionnaire. The aim is to provide information to the applicant, enabling them to make the choices that best reflect their individual needs, abilities and aspirations as an IK staff member.