Inclusive design, in the context of the workplace, is all about creating places in which everyone can participate - but how inclusive are our workplaces for people of all ages and abilities?  

With more people identifying as disabled than ever before - yet with just 46.3% of disabled people currently in employment, and an ageing population - 1 in 4 of us will be aged 65 and above by 2040, with more of us working for longer, we think it’s time to rethink workplace design to be more inclusive of diverse users - whether employers, employees, visitors or volunteers.

So how inclusive is your workplace? Please take a moment to answer a few questions and share your experience to help us understand what role design could play in creating workplaces fit for us all. 

* 1. Would you say that you live with a disability?

* 2. If you answered Yes to Question 1, please tell us if this affects your:

* 3. Please tell which age range applies to you:

* 4. Thinking about your own workplace (or a workplace you have visited), how inclusive would you say this is for you?

* 5. And thinking about your workplace or a workplace you have visited, how inclusive would you say this is for people of all ages and abilities? 

* 6. What is it about the use of design in that workplace that you feel makes it inclusive? (Please select all the apply)

* 7. What is it about its design that you feel makes it excluding? (Please select all the apply)

* 8. Thinking about a workplace where you have experienced feelings of exclusion due to disability or age, how did that impact on your sense of wellbeing and performance?

* 9. Which of the following would you say are most important to inclusion in the workplace? (Please rank in order of importance, where 1 is most important, and rank all that apply)

* 10. Finally, please use the comments box below to tell us anything else you want to share about your experiences and the role of design in promoting inclusive workplaces for all ages and abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.
Please tell us how to contact you if you would like a copy of our findings and report: