Looking to our future – what do you think?

Over recent weeks we have seen our community come together to help each other in light of COVID-19. We’ve made use of our community facilities, such as the 3 Villages Community Café, and volunteers have ensured food and essential support have been delivered to households across our area. We’ve seen the importance of community and locally led activities.

Looking forward, we want to continue to make the best use of our community-owned assets. Please tell us how the 3 Villages Hall, Café and Post Office can work for you and for the benefit of the whole community as we recover and rebuild beyond the current crisis.

We know there are financial risks if we get things wrong, and we want to be sure these facilities are here for a long time. We also know we have more than just buildings; we have people with skills, experience and ideas. We hope you will share your ideas on the best way to use and protect our community facilities. Can you spare 5 minutes to complete the survey below?

Thank you!
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