The Culture, Media and Sport Committee for the UK Westminster Parliament has launched a short inquiry into 'Homophobia in Sport', taking into account a range of sports and the different experiences of men and women.  LEAP Sports Scotland is preparing a response based upon the consultation and work we have done in Scotland over the last 5 years.  We are keen to make sure that there are opportunities to feed further LGBTI community voices into this consultation and have created this short survey to provide that opportunity.  

The scope of what is being asked for in the consultation is on homophobia however we recognise that experiences of biphobia and transphobia and issues around sex, gender and gender identity will be interrelated to many people's experiences therefore we are not limiting our submission simply to issues of homophobia.  

Not all of the questions will be necessarily relevant to you and your experience and you may only wish to comment on one or two.  This is absolutely fine.  We won't be identifying individuals in our consultation response therefore we don't need to know your personal details, however if you would like to be sent a copy of our submission then you should submit an email address.  

To ensure that your views are incorporated into our submission, please ensure that you complete this by no later than 3pm on Monday 25th April.

Finally, if you would prefer to send something to us in an email instead, please feel free to write to Andrew at  

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