Thank you for watching and interacting with the Right On Your Sofa events from Back to Ours. 

To help shape the future of Right On Your Sofa, we would be grateful for your feedback. This should take between 5 and 10 minutes. Please do not feel that you need to answer any questions you are uncomfortable with, just skip them or write 'prefer not to say'.

How your data will be used

In addition to your views, we would like to collect some personal information to help us find out about the people who answer the survey - that helps us find any relationships between age, situation and viewpoints. 

All full data responses will be confidential, stored securely and not shared with anybody outside the Back to Ours team and our Evaluator. Other parties involved will receive a 'summary' version in which replies will be anonymised - replies given will not be linked either to names or to other replies in order to achieve this. After analysis, all personal data and full data responses will be deleted. Any direct quotes used in report produced from the data, either written or shared online, will also be fully anonymised. The survey will be open until January 8th 2021 (at which point the closing date will be reviewed).