* 1. Please provide us with an outline of what your expectations are of your children when they are in a classroom?

* 2. Overall, how effective do you think the proposed structure would be in supporting your child to meet your expectations?

* 3. Please look at Level 3 on our updated draft procedures.  Do you think this is an appropriate point for paretns to be communicated with?

* 4. Where a pupil is issued with a restorative exercise they are expected to have a parent sign it.  Would you also expect direct communication from the school at this point i.e. a text message?

* 5. Every two weeks letters are sent home to parents where pupils have been issued a significant number of formal warnings for low level indiscipline.  Are these letters worthwhile?

* 6. How should we celebrate everyday successes e.g pupils regularly receiving merits for effort. behaviour and attitude?  Please select as many options as you wish.

* 7. Do you think temporary exclusions are effective in dealing with serious indiscipline? 

* 8. If you have any comment, thoughts or ideas about how we can promote positive behaviour and respectful attitudes please outline these below.