Bible Society NI

Here at Bible Society NI we love the Bible-a-month calendar. But we want to know what you think about it! Please take a couple of minutes to answer these quick questions. It will really help us as we think about how Bible-a-month will look in the future.

* 1. How long have you been receiving our Bible-a-month calendar?

* 2. Where do you use your Bible-a-month calendar?

* 3. Do you like the table-top format of the Bible-a-month calendar?

* 4. What do you use your Bible-a-month calendar for? (tick as many as appropriate)

* 5. Do you share your Bible-a-month calendar with anyone else? (tick as many as appropriate)

* 6. Do you receive the Bible-a-month Extra email each month?

* 7. Do you use the additional Bible-a-month prayer information in our Word at Work magazine?

* 8. What is your favourite thing about the Bible-a-month calendar?

* 9. Is there anything you would change about the Bible-a-month calendar?