Survey of Member Details and Interests

Please help us by completing this short survey to help us find out more about members' boating interests and activities and what you would like the Club to provide.
Dunlop Stewart, Commodore

* 5. Do you own any of the following sorts of boats at the moment?

  Yes No Used to
Sailing Yacht
Motor Boat
Day Sailing Yacht, e.g. XOD
Sailing Dinghy

* 6. Where do you keep your boat/boats? (if more than one location please add both to the other option)

* 7. What type of on the water activity have you participated in in the last year and how often?

  Yes - Frequently (more than 10 times a year) Yes - Occasionally (6-10 times a year) Yes - Infrequently (1-5 times a year) No
Yacht racing
Yacht cruising
Dinghy racing
Dinghy sailing
Motor boat cruising
Race Management
Safety Fleet 
Mark laying 
Other volunteering
Other (please describe below)

* 8. What waterside facilities have you used in the last year?

  Yes No Are you likely to in the next year?
Club Crane
Club Dinghy Parks
Boatmen Taxi Service
Moored on Club Pontoon
Used Club Rowing Boats
Chartered Club Scow/Vision/Tera/Feva/Laser
RIB training Course
Dinghy Training Course
Other (please describe below)

* 9. What Club activity have you taken part in in the last year?

  Yes No Are you likely to in the next year? Please tick if you think members should pay extra to take part
Thursday Night Racing
Monday Night Racing
XOD Racing
Folkboat Racing
Scow Potters
Week-end Racing
Cruising Meets
Monday MotorBoaters
Wednesday Junior Sailing
Junior Sailing
Powerboat Training
Dinghy Training
Junior Regatta
Race Management incl. Marklaying
Safety Boat driver / crew
Other volunteering activities

* 10. What use have you made of the Clubhouse in the last year?

  Yes No Are you likely to in the next year?
Formal Dinners
Club Parties i.e. Laying up supper
A La Carte Dining
Wednesday Night Lectures
Quiz Nights
Film Nights
Scow Suppers
XOD lectures
Racing Lectures
Bridge evenings
Book Club
Happy Hour
Reading the papers/magazines
Training rooms
Other (please describe below)

* 11. What other events might you attend? (NB All costs to Club charged to attendees)

  Yes No Maybe
Bridge Lunches
Monthly Class Happy Hours over winter
Mah Jong Classes
Yoga Classes (including for beginners)
Pilates Classes
Wine Tastings
Fashion Shows
Flower Arranging Classes
Mystery Wine evenings
Yachtmaster/Day skipper training
Book Clubs
Other (please specify below)

* 12. Club Communications: Do you usually?......................

  Yes No
Read letters posted to you by Club
Read emails from Secretary
Read emails from Kirsty
Open Club emails
Open/Read ePotterNews
Check Website
Read Pottership Magazine
Browse Club Notice Boards

* 13. What aspects of the Club do you most appreciate?

* 14. Have you any suggestions for how we could increase the value of your membership to you?

* 15. Thank you for your help in completing this anonymous survey. However if you would be happy to be contacted for more information on any of these points, if required, please complete below: