About the project

Campaign for Better Transport has been commissioned by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund to produce a report on the strategic road network and the environment.  

The report will be a contribution to the Government's second Road Investment Strategy, currently in development. 

We are seeking to develop constructive proposals on how Highways England could best deliver on its obligations to promote a sustainable road network with improved environmental outcomes, particularly in relation to natural habitats, the landscape and noise.

We are seeking evidence on:
- the impact of major roads on the environment;
- examples of best practice in sensitive road design and in environmental retrofit;
- opportunities for Highways England to deliver, including the role of its designated funds for environmental work, and the work of its Design Panel;
- recommendations for future ways of working.

We are particularly focused on the scope for environmentally-focused schemes, rather than the design of forthcoming capacity-focused projects, though both are clearly important. Our full call for evidence can be seen here.

We welcome your views. 

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