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All topics are suitable for GCSE students in Y9, Y10 or Y11 undertaking Science GCSEs (any specification). Small group sizes enable tutoring to meet individual needs.
All topics are taught in an active and engaging way by an experienced, qualified teacher.
Sessions focus on building deep understanding through practical experience and application to exam scenarios.
Sessions are 1 hour in duration and take place in the evening or at weekends, bookable as one-off sessions, or in half-termly blocks at a discounted rate.

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GCSE Biology: Fundamental principles.
Build deep understanding of the Biological processes that underpin higher level understanding and are crucial to application of knowledge in the new curriculum.
Maths for GCSE Science: Build the Maths skills required by the new Science curriculum to remove mathematical barriers to understanding GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
GCSE Biology: Required Practicals.
Opportunities to complete the "Required Practicals" necessary for completion of the new GCSE Biology curriculum, and apply understanding to the practical related marks, worth 15% of the final exam.
GCSE Biology: Topic wise tuition.
GCSE Biology topics taught through hands-on, practical activities and application to exam questions. Topics to include: Cells and cell transport; Digestion; Nervous system; Immunity; Plant Biology; Ecology.
GCSE Biology: Revision in preparation for the linear exams in June / July 2018

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