Theatre and Psychology Research Data

Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England have funded Strangeface to work with Dr Nathan Heflick of University of Lincoln to look at Cognitive Dissonance using puppetry. There is a lot of separate research about psychology and theatre however not much work exists on the relationship between the two fields of study. We have always been interested in theatre as event – you can help us develop a greater understanding of psychological processes through theatre as a medium.

Dr. Heflick has compiled a number of questions that will help continue his work, specifically on Terror Management, Mortality Awareness, Religious Beliefs, Dehumanization, Meaning and Emotion. We would appreciate your time in answering these questions honestly. We have included some relevant classic case studies throughout the questionnaire, which we hope will pique your interest even further to learn more about our actions, perceptions and moral reasoning.  

Question Title

* Could you please add a memorable word that will allow us to link your answers and guarantee your anonymity. If you saw the play in a venue please do use the same word that you used there, this consistancy will mean that the research is even more valuable. Thank you in advance!

Question Title

* If you saw Dissonance in a theatre how long ago was that event?