Thank you for taking part in this Woods Valldata Individual Giving Fundraising  Survey. 
This is a survey for the UK non-profit fundraising community to help identify trends in individual giving. Now, more than ever, insight is essential to help us make the right decisions for our fundraising programmes. Woods Valldata will use this information to help inform strategic recommendations made to our charity partners, improve our service offering and provide insight to the wider fundraising community by way of reports and online events.

To say THANK YOU for your time to contribute to this survey we will share the aggregated sector survey results with you to help you and your teams make even more informed decisions. Please ensure you leave your email address at the end of the survey.

All responses will be ANONYMOUS and we won't contact you as a result of your participation unless you want us to.

The survey should take under 15 minutes to complete, so... if you're ready, off we go!
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