E-safety - Parents survey

Understanding and supporting risks and issues that children may face going online

* 1. What key stage is your child in? 

* 2. How often do your children use the internet?

* 3. What do they like to do most when they are online?

* 4. What devices do they have access to? 

* 5. Rank the risks in numerical order with 1 being the risk you you are most worried about and 8 being the least (please note you need to use each number from 1-8 - you cannot use the same number twice)

* 6. Where do you think most of the risks to children and young people occur online?

* 7. When/if your child sees something online that upsets them, what do you think they would do? 

* 8. Who do you think your child would tell if something upset or worried them online? 

* 9. Do you think your children feel safe online? 

* 10. Would you like regular workshops/information in keeping your child safe online