Nominate in a minimum of three categories for your nominations to count!

* 1. Nominate a Best Novella
A short form piece of extended fiction – too broad or complete for a short story but too short or limited in scope for a novel. There’s no set word/page range and we may use some discretion – our rule of thumb is that if the author/publisher considers the work to be a novella and promotes it as such, so do we, but we do also take other factors into account. Must have been published after 30th April 2016. Please include title and author name.

* 2. Nominate a Best Spoken Word Regular Night
An event celebrating and promoting spoken word, organised on a regular – if not frequent – basis, open mic or programmed or a mixture. Must have held at least three events since 30th April 2016.

* 3. Nominate a Best Poetry Pamphlet
A single-poet collection of poems, which can be a variety of formats (‘pamphlet’ being a bit of a catch-all term). No more than 40 pages long. Must have been published after 30th April 2016. Please include title and author name.

* 4.

Nominate a Short Story Collection
A single-author collection of short fiction. One author: multiple stories. Must have been published after 30th April 2016. Please include Title and Author Name.

* 5. Nominate a Best Spoken Word Performer
A performer who has either appeared at open mic nights, slots in spoken words events, or who has their own spoken word show (or a combination of the above, of course). We might even consider double acts. Must have performed at least once since 30th April 2016.

* 6. Nominate the Most Innovative Publisher
A publisher who has, well, innovated, which is a pretty broad term. Someone who has impressed you probably publishing something interesting in an unusual way. Surprise us. Must have published at least two titles since 30th April 2016.

* 7. Nominate a Best Reviewer Of Literature
Someone who has made significant contribution to the review of literature since 30th April 2016, in reviews of poetry, fiction or spoken word.

* 8. Nominate a Best Collaborative Work
A literary work or project or performance that has been created as a collaboration between two or more people, perhaps in multiple forms or genres. Must have been created after or substantially changed since 30th April 2016.

* 9. Nominate a Best Wildcard
As the title implies, this is a free for all as long as it's something or someone that has been active after 30th April 2016. This award is sponsored by International Dylan Thomas Day.

* 10. Nominate a Best Spoken Word Show
A performance of a set work which has multiple performance dates, probably in multiple locations and over a period of time. Not limited to solo shows. Shows first performed before 30th April 2016 are permitted, but there must have been a significant outing since that date (eg. a short run somewhere or a tour).

* 11. Nominate a Best Anthology
A collection of works by more than one author, not restricted by genre, theme or form. This could be a combination of fiction and poetry, or even a combination with another art form, like visual art. Note: 'best of' type anthologies are not eligible. Multiple authors: multiple texts. Must have been published after 30th April 2016. Extra details such as the publisher or editor are appreciated if the title is a generic one (i.e 'Stone' or 'Craft').

* 12. Nominate a Best Magazine
A regular publication which can feature a range of content, including literature reviews, but mainly aimed at fiction or poetry. Must have had at least one issue published after 30th April 2016.