Friends have recently shown a growing awareness and a wish to address the increasing disparity of opportunity, access and lifestyle between those in our society who appear to be benefitting well from the current economic and financial environment and those who are suffering increasing poverty, stress, alienation and financial exclusion from mainstream society. Many Friends are particularly concerned about the well documented problem of inequality and financial exclusion with many people who are unable to obtain credit facilities from banks and building societies, taking on loans at extortionate interest rates from both legal loan companies and unregulated money lenders. One way of challenging the financial exclusion suffered by the most financially excluded in our communities is through the use of credit unions.

The North Wales Quaker Credit Union Group, supported by and reporting to North Wales Area Meeting, wishes to encourage local Friends and local Quaker meetings to consider supporting their local credit unions. This support could take many forms - promoting awareness, help with marketing, volunteering, individual Friends and local meetings using the savings and loans products of local credit unions.

This survey

This survey is being sent to all Quaker Local Meetings in Britain. The purpose of the survey is initially to establish the current awareness, involvement and use of credit unions by Friends and Attenders. Hopefully, the results will enable the North Wales Area Meeting Credit Union Group to identify how we might provide local Friends with the information, advice, and knowledge  to increase their enthusiasm and awareness and extend their involvement with local credit unions.

In addition to completing the survey, if any Friends, friends or Attenders have their own views on how we could increase awareness of and involvement with credit unions, either locally or nationally, we would be very interested to hear from you.

You may have no knowledge of, or contact with local credit unions. If this is the case, please do complete the survey because this information is also very important to us.

Please complete the survey by the end of April 2017.

Thank you for taking part.

North Wales Area Meeting Credit Union Group, c/o Wrexham Quaker Meeting House, Holt Road, Wrexham LL13 8HN